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Falken RI151

Regional Service Tire with High Mileage Capability

The RI151 tire is built with a wide tread surface for a stable drive to boost driver confidence. An innovative tread compound adds high mileage capability to minimize tire maintenance, and wide outside shoulder ribs were designed to help prevent irregular wear. This regional-use tire was created to deliver dependable service for a wide range of on-highway applications.

TypeMedium Truck
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
215/75R17.5 16/H BW 62151001 CALL
235/75R17.5 18/J BW 62151726 CALL
225/70R19.5 14/G BW 62151705 CALL
245/70R19.5 16/H BW 62151716 CALL
265/70R19.5 14/G BW 62151266 CALL
295/80R22.5 16/H BW 62151987 CALL
315/80R22.5 20/L BW 62151949 CALL
385/65R22.5 20/L BW 62151919 CALL