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Lexani LX-NINE

LEXANI LX-NINE unidirectional tire offers excellent traction and enhanced performance in wet and dry conditions. The wide and solid tire shoulder provides outstanding cornering and riding stability. The unique noise minimizing tread block pattern utilizes wide, circumferential grooves that channel water away while providing excellent traction and grip. Your ride will look fine on a set of LX-NINE!

TypePassenger (All-Season - M+S Rated)
CategoryHigh Performance
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
235/35ZR20 92/XL W BW LXS0990000 CALL
275/45R20 106 V BW LXS0990010 CALL
275/55R20 117/XL H BW LXS0990020 CALL
285/50R20 112.00 V BW LXS0990030 CALL
235/30ZR22 90/XL W BW LXS0990040 CALL
245/30ZR22 92/XL W BW LXS0990050 CALL
255/30ZR22 95/XL W BW LXS0990060 CALL
265/30ZR22 97/XL W BW LXS0990190 CALL
265/35R22 102/XL V BW LXS0990070 CALL
265/40R22 106/XL V BW LXS0990080 CALL
295/25ZR22 97/XL W BW LXS0990180 CALL
305/40R22 114/XL V BW LXS0990090 CALL
305/45R22 118/XL V BW LXS0990100 CALL
245/30ZR24 94/XL W BW LXS0990120 CALL
255/30ZR24 97/XL W BW LXS0990130 CALL
275/25ZR24 96/XL W BW LXS0990110 CALL
275/30ZR24 101/XL W BW LXS0990200 CALL
295/35R24 110/XL V BW LXS0990140 CALL
305/35R24 112/XL V BW LXS0990150 CALL
295/30ZR26 107/XL W BW LXS0990160 CALL
305/30ZR26 109/XL W BW LXS0990170 CALL