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We are proud to announce the newest and most exciting addition to the UHP and SUV Lexani tire lineup: The Lexani LX-Thirty! Manufactured in our new state of the art tire manufacturing facility, the LX-Thirty was developed to deliver a synergistic balance of high-speed capabilities, performance handling and driving comfort necessitated by the new generation of Sport Utility and Cross Over vehicles! The advanced European designed technology creates an entirely new dimension for the ultimate driving experience, including high speed performance and secure traction reliability on wet and dry roads.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategorySport/Street Truck (All Season - M+S Rated)
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
255/55ZR18 109/XL W BW LXST301855010 CALL
265/60R18 110 V BW LXST301860010 CALL
275/40ZR20 106/XL W BW LXST202040020 CALL
315/35ZR20 110/XL W BW LXST302035010 CALL
265/35ZR22 102/XL W BW LXST302235010 CALL
285/45R22 114/XL V BW LXST302245020 CALL
295/30ZR22 103/XL W BW LXST302230010 CALL
305/40R22 114/XL V BW LXST302240010 CALL
305/45R22 118/XL V BW LXST302245010 CALL
335/25ZR22 105/XL W BW LXST302225010 CALL
275/25ZR24 96/XL W BW LXST302425010 CALL
275/30ZR24 101/XL W BW LXST302430010 CALL
295/35R24 110/XL V BW LXST302435020 CALL
305/35R24 112/XL V BW LXST302435010 CALL
255/30ZR26 99/XL W BW LXST302630030 CALL
275/25ZR26 98/XL W BW LXST302625010 CALL
295/30ZR26 107/XL W BW LXST302630010 CALL
305/30ZR26 109/XL W BW LXST302630020 CALL
315/40R26 120/XL V BW LXST302640010 CALL
275/25ZR28 101/XL W BW LXST302825020 CALL
295/25ZR28 103/XL W BW LXST302825010 CALL
325/35R28 120 XL V BW LXST302835010 CALL
255/30ZR30 103/XL W BW LXST303030010 CALL
315/20ZR30 106/XL W BW LXST303020010 CALL
305/25ZR32 108/XL W BW LXST303225010 CALL