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Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

The WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL is built for adventure, delivering rugged off-road capability without compromise on the open road. Engineered to match the dynamic characteristics of modern crossovers, the A/T TRAIL strikes the perfect balance between aggressive off-road traction and dependable all-weather performance. Durable 2-ply polyester construction and rugged upper sidewall features protect the A/T TRAIL from off-road terrain, while an optimized tread design helps to maintain the efficiency and versatility of a modern CUV. Featuring USTMA’s Severe Snow Rating, the WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL encourages adventure-seeking crossover owners to discover true all-weather capability.

CategoryAll Season Tire
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
205/70R16 97H BW 2871-1481 CALL
215/65R16XL 102H BW 2871-2681 CALL
215/70R16 100H BW 2871-1100 CALL
215/60R17 96H BW 2871-2729 CALL
215/65R17 99H BW 2871-4782 CALL
225/55R17XL 101V BW 2871-2762 CALL
225/60R17 99H BW 2871-2728 CALL
225/65R17 102H BW 2871-1775 CALL
235/55R17XL 103V BW 2871-2725 CALL
235/60R17 102H BW 2871-1717 CALL
235/65R17XL 108H BW 2871-2790 CALL
245/65R17 107H BW 2871-1768 CALL
225/55R18 98V BW 2871-2889 CALL
225/60R18 100H BW 2871-1826 CALL
235/50R18 97V BW 2871-2825 CALL
235/55R18 100V BW 2871-2817 CALL
235/60R18XL 107H BW 2871-2816 CALL
235/65R18 106H BW 2871-2815 CALL
245/60R18 105H BW 2871-2811 CALL
255/55R18XL 109V BW 2871-2845 CALL
255/65R18 111H BW 2871-1822 CALL
225/55R19 99V BW 2871-2955 CALL
235/55R19XL 105V BW 2871-2970 CALL
245/55R19 103V BW 2871-2814 CALL
255/55R19XL 111V BW 2871-2943 CALL
255/60R19 109H BW 2871-1813 CALL
245/50R20 102V BW 2871-2026 CALL
255/50R20XL 109V BW 2871-2946 CALL
255/55R20XL 110V BW 2871-2950 CALL
265/50R20XL 111V BW 2871-2011 CALL