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Falken Azenis RT615K+

Competition-Proven Performance for Enthusiasts

Developed for maximum performance-minded drivers, the AZENIS RT615K+ is derived from the original competition-winning RT615K. The PLUS encompasses a digitally-engineered, nanotech-formulated compound enhancement for superior grip and excellent handling. On the track, the RT615K+’s confidence-inspiring straight line and cornering traits encourage drivers to push their vehicles to the limits in safe, closed-course environments. On the street, high-tension carcass construction provides added durability, ensuring this DOT-approved tire is capable of road-legal daily use. Built for performance compacts, sports coupes, sports sedans and muscle cars, the AZENIS RT615K+ is the enthusiast’s choice for competition-proven performance, from the track to the street.

TypePassenger (Summer)
CategoryMaximum Performance

Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
195/60R14SL 86H BW 28533443 CALL
205/50R15XL 89W BW 28533077 CALL
205/40R16XL 83W BW 28534903 CALL
215/45R16SL 86W BW 28533766 CALL
225/50R16SL 92W BW 28538495 CALL
205/40R17XL 84W BW 28537988 CALL
215/40R17XL 87W BW 28532497 CALL
215/45R17SL 87W BW 28531437 CALL
225/45R17XL 94W BW 28537258 CALL
235/40R17SL 90W BW 28534447 CALL
245/45R17XL 99W BW 28534124 CALL
255/40R17SL 94W BW 28538003 CALL
275/40R17SL 98W BW 28535983 CALL
225/40R18XL 92W BW 28539564 CALL
235/40R18XL 95W BW 28537681 CALL
245/40R18XL 97W BW 28533881 CALL
255/40R18SL 95W BW 28532104 CALL
265/35R18XL 97W BW 28538247 CALL
275/35R18SL 95W BW 28537737 CALL
295/40R18SL 103W BW 28535059 CALL
315/30R18SL 98W BW 28533615 CALL