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RBP - Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T II

RBP’s newest and most aggressive Mud Terrain Tire, driving your vehicle through the most Adverse and Challenging terrains with Voracious looks, Incredible Grip, Traction, Control, Safety and Security for you and your crew!

Dynamic hook shaped center tread blocks maximize traction, grip and hold for the most challenging off- road conditions while eradicating tread block malformation for exalted Off Road Grip!

Aggressive shoulder blocks combine to create a visually barbarous effect while maintaining a superior capability of performance in any and all road conditions, including mud, ice, snow and just about anything else it encounters! The most technologically advanced future generation high-tensile compounds combine to deliver the ultimate resistance to chips, cuts, fatigue and cracks in addition to rubber degradation and aging, for a true experience of reliable safety, durability and tread life! The randomized tread block size synchronize with the tie bar, multi-pitch tread designs and this state of the art configuration synergize in contributing to a quieter and more enjoyable ride.

The monster tread design, coupled with formidable sidewall design and shoulder blocks will set you and your vehicle apart from the crowd while providing confidence and performance in your off road adventures!

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategoryOff Road Mud-Traction
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
LT33X12.50R17/E 120Q BW RBPMTII17125010 CALL
LT33X12.50R18/F 122Q BW RBPMTII18125010 CALL
LT35X12.50R18/F 128Q BW RBPMTII18125020 CALL
LT33X12.50R20/F 119Q BW RBPMTII20125010 CALL
LT35X12.50R20/F 125Q BW RBPMTII20125020 CALL
LT37X13.50R20/E 127Q BW RBPMTII20135010 CALL
LT35X13.50R22/E 121Q BW RBPMTII22135010 CALL
LT37X13.50R22/F 128Q BW RBPMTII22135020 CALL
LT38X15.50R22/E 126Q BW RBPMTII22155010 CALL
LT40X15.50R22/E 132Q BW RBPMTII22155020 CALL