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Falken Azenis FK460 A/S

Ultra High Performance For Every Season

The AZENIS FK460 A/S, Falken’s all-new Ultra High Performance All-Season tire, blends the versatility you demand of an all-season tire with the excitement you expect from an Azenis. Thanks to award-winning Advanced 4D Nano Technology, Falken developed a rubber compound that achieves the complex balance of high-performance capability, year-round traction, and long tread life. Plus, an intricate tread pattern featuring emerging grooves and interlocking sipes ensures the FK460 delivers poise in inclement conditions without noise in the cabin. With a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty and Falken’s Road Hazard Protection, the FK460 provides performance-minded peace of mind season after season. Drive with vigor in the dry, agility in the wet, and confidence in light snow, with the Azenis FK460 A/S.

TypePassenger (All-Season - M+S Rated)
CategoryUltra High Performance
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
205/50ZR17XL 93Y BW 28105770 CALL
215/45ZR17XL 91Y BW 28105792 CALL
215/50ZR17XL 95Y BW 28105771 CALL
215/55ZR17XL 98Y BW 28105727 CALL
225/45ZR17XL 94Y BW 28105795 CALL
225/50ZR17XL 98Y BW 28105772 CALL
225/55ZR17SL 97Y BW 28105762 CALL
235/45ZR17XL 97Y BW 28105794 CALL
235/50ZR17XL 100Y BW 28105773 CALL
235/55ZR17XL 103Y BW 28105725 CALL
245/40ZR17XL 95Y BW 28105785 CALL
245/45ZR17XL 99Y BW 28105784 CALL
215/45ZR18XL 93Y BW 28105899 CALL
225/40ZR18XL 92Y BW 28105892 CALL
225/45ZR18XL 95Y BW 28105824 CALL
225/50ZR18SL 95Y BW 28105805 CALL
235/40ZR18XL 95Y BW 28105893 CALL
235/45ZR18XL 98Y BW 28105895 CALL
235/50ZR18XL 101Y BW 28105825 CALL
245/40ZR18XL 97Y BW 28105894 CALL
245/45ZR18XL 100Y BW 28105865 CALL
255/35ZR18XL 94Y BW 28105896 CALL
255/40ZR18XL 99Y BW 28105844 CALL
265/35ZR18XL 97Y BW 28105806 CALL
275/35ZR18XL 99Y BW 28105807 CALL
225/40ZR19XL 93Y BW 28105971 CALL
225/45ZR19XL 96Y BW 28105937 CALL
235/35ZR19XL 91Y BW 28105983 CALL
235/40ZR19XL 96Y BW 28105495 CALL
235/55ZR19XL 105Y BW 28105970 CALL
245/35ZR19XL 93Y BW 28105984 CALL
245/40ZR19XL 98Y BW 28105974 CALL
245/45ZR19XL 102Y BW 28105904 CALL
255/35ZR19XL 96Y BW 28105973 CALL
255/40ZR19XL 100Y BW 28105996 CALL
265/35ZR19XL 98Y BW 28105938 CALL
275/35ZR19XL 100Y BW 28105998 CALL
275/40ZR19XL 105Y BW 28105903 CALL
285/30ZR19XL 98Y BW 28105939 CALL
285/35ZR19SL 99Y BW 28105989 CALL
235/35ZR20XL 92Y BW 28105524 CALL
245/35ZR20XL 95Y BW 28105985 CALL
245/40ZR20XL 99Y BW 28105002 CALL
245/45ZR20XL 103Y BW 28105023 CALL
255/35ZR20XL 97Y BW 28105001 CALL
255/40ZR20XL 101Y BW 28105270 CALL
255/45ZR20XL 105Y BW 28105013 CALL
255/55ZR20XL 110Y BW 28105950 CALL
265/35ZR20XL 99Y BW 28105321 CALL
275/35ZR20XL 102Y BW 28105005 CALL
275/40ZR20XL 106Y BW 28105947 CALL
275/45ZR20XL 110Y BW 28105016 CALL
285/30ZR20XL 99Y BW 28105028 CALL
285/40ZR20XL 108Y BW 28105241 CALL
295/30ZR20XL 101Y BW 28105558 CALL
295/45ZR20XL 114Y BW 28105018 CALL
305/30ZR20XL 103Y BW 28105560 CALL
305/35ZR20XL 107Y BW 28105564 CALL
245/35ZR21XL 96Y BW 28105271 CALL
265/40ZR21XL 105Y BW 28105981 CALL
295/35ZR21XL 107Y BW 28105232 CALL