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Falken Wildpeak R/T01

Developed for lifted trucks, SUVs, and high-powered diesel pickups, the Falken WILDPEAK R/T sets a new standard for the rugged terrain tire category. Featuring the ultimate hybrid terrain tread pattern, the WILDPEAK R/T provides the tenacious off-road traction of an M/T while retaining the tread life and stability expected from an A/T. Built to deliver an ideal combination of traction, durability, and longevity, the Wildpeak R/T is the tire of choice for those who spend as much time on the road as they do on the rocks.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategoryOn/Off Road All-Terrain
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
LT265/75R16/E 123/120R BW FK-2875-7867 CALL
LT285/75R16/E 126/123R BW FK-2875-7499 CALL
LT33X12.50R17/E 120R BW FK-2875-7753 CALL
LT35X11.50R17/C 118R BW FK-2875-7278 CALL
LT35X12.50R17/E 125R BW FK-2875-7103 CALL
LT37X12.50R17/E 128R BW FK-2875-7264 CALL
LT37X13.50R17/E 128R BW FK-2875-7506 CALL
LT38X13.50R17/D 127R BW FK-2875-7267 CALL
LT255/80R17/E 121/118R BW FK-2875-7187 CALL
LT265/70R17/E 121/118R BW FK-2875-7467 CALL
LT285/70R17/E 121/118R BW FK-2875-7808 CALL
LT285/70R17/C 116/113R BW FK-2875-7747 CALL
LT285/75R17/C 117/114R BW FK-2875-7474 CALL
LT285/75R17/E 128/125R BW FK-2875-7460 CALL
LT315/70R17/D 121/118R BW FK-2875-7344 CALL
LT33X12.50R18/E 118R BW FK-2875-7550 CALL
LT35X11.50R18/C 117R BW FK-2875-7667 CALL
LT35X12.50R18/F 128R BW FK-2875-7364 CALL
LT37X12.50R18/E 128R BW FK-2875-7676 CALL
LT37X13.50R18/E 128R BW FK-2875-7464 CALL
LT275/65R18/E 123/120R BW FK-2875-7443 CALL
LT275/70R18/E 125/122R BW FK-2875-7431 CALL
LT285/65R18/E 125/122R BW FK-2875-7935 CALL
LT285/70R18/E 127/124R BW FK-2875-7714 CALL
LT285/75R18/E 129/126R BW FK-2875-7495 CALL
LT295/70R18/E 129/126R BW FK-2875-7728 CALL
LT33X12.50R20/E 114R BW FK-2875-7159 CALL
LT35X11.50R20/D 120R BW FK-2875-7654 CALL
LT35X12.50R20/F 125R BW FK-2875-7210 CALL
LT35X13.50R20/F 126R BW FK-2875-7130 CALL
LT37X11.50R20/E 128R BW FK-2875-7915 CALL
LT37X12.50R20/E 126R BW FK-2875-7697 CALL
LT37X13.50R20/E 127R BW FK-2875-7732 CALL
LT38X13.50R20/E 128R BW FK-2875-7396 CALL
LT275/55R20/E 120/117R BW FK-2875-7482 CALL
LT275/60R20/E 123/120R BW FK-2875-7779 CALL
LT275/65R20/E 126/123R BW FK-2875-7133 CALL
LT285/55R20/E 122/119R BW FK-2875-7204 CALL
LT285/60R20/E 125/122R BW FK-2875-7716 CALL
LT285/65R20/E 127/124R BW FK-2875-7782 CALL
LT295/55R20/E 123/120R BW FK-2875-7880 CALL
LT295/60R20/E 126/123R BW FK-2875-7636 CALL
LT295/65R20/E 129/126R BW FK-2875-7784 CALL
LT305/55R20/F 125/122R BW FK-2875-7504 CALL
LT35X12.50R22/E 117R BW FK-2875-7974 CALL
LT37X12.50R22/F 127R BW FK-2875-7655 CALL
LT37X13.50R22/F 128R BW FK-2875-7416 CALL
LT285/55R22/E 124/121R BW FK-2875-7523 CALL
LT325/50R22F 127R BW FK-2875-7349 CALL