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Falken Azenis FK453

The AZENIS FK453 is the latest generation of Falken’s flagship ultra high performance tires available in a wide array of diameters, from 17-inch to 22-inch, along with staggered widths, making this tire versatile, resourceful, dynamic, and powerful. In addition, FK453 features the latest developments in noise-absorption technology, and incorporates a high silica compound that presents better dry and wet grip. The multiple nylon-reinforced layers allow for better high-speed stability, an important asset based on the drivers exacting demands.

TypePassenger (Summer)
CategoryHigh Performance
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
205/40ZR17 84W BW 28603707 CALL
205/50ZR17 93Y BW 28605701 CALL
215/45ZR17 91Y BW 28605704 CALL
215/50ZR17 91W BW 28603771 CALL
225/45ZR17 94Y BW 28605706 CALL
225/50ZR17 98Y BW 28605772 CALL
235/40ZR17 94Y BW 28605702 CALL
235/45ZR17 97Y BW 28605710 CALL
235/50ZR17 100W BW 28603773 CALL
235/55ZR17 103W BW 28603725 CALL
245/40ZR17 95Y BW 28605709 CALL
245/45ZR17 99Y BW 28605712 CALL
255/40ZR17 98Y BW 28605703 CALL
275/40ZR17 98Y BW 28605714 CALL
215/35ZR18 84Y BW 28605882 CALL
215/40ZR18 89Y BW 28605813 CALL
215/45ZR18 93Y BW 28605899 CALL
225/40ZR18 92Y BW 28605802 CALL
225/45ZR18 95Y BW 28605812 CALL
235/40ZR18 95(Y) BW 28605816 CALL
235/45ZR18 98Y BW 28605895 CALL
245/35ZR18 92Y BW 28605804 CALL
245/40ZR18 97(Y) BW 28605806 CALL
245/45ZR18 100Y BW 28605810 CALL
255/35ZR18 94Y BW 28605801 CALL
255/40ZR18 99(Y) BW 28605890 CALL
255/45ZR18 103Y BW 28605811 CALL
265/35ZR18 97(Y) BW 28605805 CALL
265/40ZR18 101(Y) BW 28605821 CALL
275/35ZR18 99Y BW 28605808 CALL
275/40ZR18 99Y BW 28605807 CALL
285/35ZR18 101Y BW 28605809 CALL
295/30ZR18 98Y BW 28605814 CALL
215/35ZR19 85Y BW 28605913 CALL
225/35ZR19 88Y BW 28605909 CALL
225/45ZR19 96Y BW 28605937 CALL
235/35ZR19 91(Y) BW 28605906 CALL
245/35ZR19 93(Y) BW 28605908 CALL
245/40ZR19 98Y BW 28605911 CALL
245/45ZR19 102Y BW 28605904 CALL
255/40ZR19 100Y BW 28605907 CALL
265/30ZR19 93(Y) BW 28605905 CALL
265/35ZR19 98Y BW 28605938 CALL
275/30ZR19 96(Y) BW 28605910 CALL
275/35ZR19 100(Y) BW 28605902 CALL
275/40ZR19 101Y BW 28605903 CALL
285/30ZR19 98Y BW 28605939 CALL
285/35ZR19 99(Y) BW 28605912 CALL
295/30ZR19 100(Y) BW 28605940 CALL
305/30ZR19 102(Y) BW 28605941 CALL
225/30ZR20 85Y BW 28605007 CALL
235/30ZR20 88(Y) BW 28605002 CALL
245/30ZR20 90(Y) BW 28605008 CALL
245/35ZR20 95Y BW 28605014 CALL
245/40ZR20 99Y BW 28605003 CALL
255/30ZR20 92Y BW 28605011 CALL
255/35ZR20 97Y BW 28605004 CALL
255/45ZR20 105Y BW 28605006 CALL
275/30ZR20 97Y BW 28605001 CALL
275/35ZR20 102Y BW 28605005 CALL
285/30ZR20 99Y BW 28605013 CALL
245/30ZR22 92Y BW 28605202 CALL
255/30ZR22 95Y BW 28605203 CALL
295/25ZR22 97Y BW 28605009 CALL