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Falken Azenis FK453CC

The new AZENIS FK453CC is designed to target the growing demand for European-made luxury Crossover vehicles as well as SUVs produced by U.S. and international automakers. The result is a tire that offers higher performance, greater longevity and superb style. The FK453CC boasts a large shoulder block, with a continuous outer rib that provides greater handling and stability. It also effectively reduces tire noise and improves ride comfort. Additionally, the FK453CC is solid in adverse conditions, calling upon its three wide, continuous grooves that effectively evacuate water significantly improving resistance to hydroplaning. Finally, Falken has created a stylish new sidewall design which highlights the Falken “F-Arrow” identity, enhancing the overall look of the tire and complementing the luxury Crossover or SUV.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategorySport/Street Truck (Summer)
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
235/65R17 108W BW 28633790 CALL
245/55R17 102W BW 28633942 CALL
235/50R18 101V BW 28632825 CALL
235/55R18 100V BW 28632817 CALL
235/60R18 107W BW 28633816 CALL
255/55R18 109W BW 28633845 CALL
235/55R19 105W BW 28633970 CALL
255/50R19 107W BW 28633010 CALL
275/45R19 108Y BW 28635944 CALL
285/45R19 111W BW 28633945 CALL
255/50R20 109W BW 28633946 CALL
275/40R20 106Y BW 28635947 CALL
295/40R20 110W BW 28633020 CALL
315/35R20 110W BW 28633948 CALL