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Michelin Latitude Tour HP

The Michelin Latitude Tour HP is a high performance tire for premium Crossover vehicles offers safe, reliable Handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategoryAll Season Tire
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
215/65R16 98H BW 25842 CALL
225/65R17 102H BW 75351 CALL
235/65R17 104H BW 33809 CALL
235/65R17 104V BW 19025 CALL
235/50R18 97V BW 26136 CALL
235/60R18/XL 107V BW 03870 CALL
P235/60R18 102V BW 20377 CALL
235/60R18 103H BW 29269 CALL
235/60R18 103V BW 31480 CALL
235/60R18 103V BW 33988 CALL
P235/65R18 104H BW 01431 CALL
P245/60R18 104H BW 06075 CALL
245/60R18 105H BW 98018 CALL
255/55R18 105H BW 98728 CALL
255/55R18 105V BW 61618 CALL
255/55R18/XL 109V BW 89039 CALL
255/55R18/XL 109H BW 09597 CALL
265/60R18 110V BW 44567 CALL
P265/60R18 109H BW 15845 CALL
285/60R18/XL 120V BW 24388 CALL
235/55R19 101V BW 15474 CALL
235/55R19 101V BW 05146 CALL
235/55R19 101H BW 52571 CALL
245/45R19 98V BW 10407 CALL
245/55R19 103H BW 41671 CALL
255/50R19/XL 107H BW 46232 CALL
255/50R19/XL 107H BW 13117 CALL
255/50R19 103V BW 37853 CALL
255/55R19/XL 111V BW 36849 CALL
255/55R19/XL 111W BW 06518 CALL
265/50R19/XL 110V BW 73564 CALL
275/45R19/XL 108V BW 04493 CALL
P235/55R20 102H BW 18386 CALL
245/45R20/XL 103W BW 34924 CALL
255/50R20/XL 109W BW 94455 CALL
265/45R20 104V BW 91214 CALL
275/40ZR20/XL 106W BW 07767 CALL
P275/60R20 114H BW 07769 CALL
285/50R20 112V BW 32901 CALL
295/40R20 106V BW 38951 CALL
265/45R21 104W BW 59682 CALL