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OHTSU FP7000 offers outstanding all-weather responsiveness and exceptional affordability. Packed with high performance features that enhance cornering, braking and acceleration, the FP7000 delivers year-round, all-weather traction, smoothness and stability at an excellent value. The low profile sidewall appeals to many drivers looking for a tire to match their personal choice in transportation. Additionally, the FP7000 features a non-directional tread pattern that allows ease of rotation for improved tire life. The FP7000, a value tire with the strength of OHTSU behind it.

TypePassenger (All-Season - M+S Rated)
CategoryAll Season Tire
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
185/60R14 82H BW 3042-1401 CALL
185/65R14 86H BW 3042-1403 CALL
195/60R14 86H BW 3042-1402 CALL
185/65R15 88H BW 3042-1512 CALL
195/55R15 85V BW 3042-2514 CALL
195/60R15 88H BW 3042-1511 CALL
195/65R15 91H BW 3042-1513 CALL
205/50R15 86H BW 3042-1526 CALL
205/60R15 91H BW 3042-1521 CALL
205/65R15 94H BW 3042-1524 CALL
215/60R15 94H BW 3042-1522 CALL
215/65R15 96H BW 3042-1525 CALL
225/60R15 96H BW 3042-1523 CALL
205/50R16XL 91V BW 3042-2626 CALL
205/55R16 91V BW 3042-2622 CALL
205/60R16 92V BW 3042-1621 CALL
215/55R16 93V BW 3042-2623 CALL
215/60R16 95H BW 3042-1622 CALL
215/65R16 98H BW 3042-1681 CALL
225/50R16 92H BW 3042-2627 CALL
225/50R16 92H BW 3042-2627 CALL
225/55R16 95V BW 3042-2624 CALL
225/60R16 98H BW 3042-1623 CALL
235/60R16 100H BW 3042-1624 CALL
245/50R16 97H BW 3042-1625 CALL
205/40R17XL 84W BW 3042-4705 CALL
205/50R17XL 93W BW 3042-4710 CALL
215/40R17XL 87W BW 3042-4707 CALL
215/45R17 87W BW 3042-4701 CALL
215/50R17 91V BW 3042-2722 CALL
215/55R17 94V BW 3042-4807 CALL
225/45R17 94W BW 3042-4702 CALL
225/50R17 94V BW 3042-2723 CALL
225/55R17 97V BW 3042-2721 CALL
235/45R17XL 97W BW 3042-4703 CALL
235/50R17 96V BW 3042-2724 CALL
245/45R17XL 99W BW 3042-4704 CALL
225/40R18XL 92W BW 3042-4803 CALL
225/45R18 91W BW 3042-3824 CALL
225/60R18 100H BW 3042-1826 CALL
235/50R18 97W BW 3042-3825 CALL
235/55R18 100V BW 3042-2817 CALL
245/40R18XL 93W BW 3042-3801 CALL
245/45R18 96W BW 3042-3865 CALL
255/45R18 99W BW 3042-3866 CALL