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OHTSU FP8000 is available in a wide array of diameters, from 18-inch to 22-inch. This tire has an aggressive directional tread design with phase-shifted random pitch variation allowing for maximum noise reduction. A dual tread compound coupled with three-dimensional rounded tread blocks enable the FP8000 to handle well even in large diameter applications. Perfect for sedans and coupes alike, the FP8000 offers summer performance at a value.

TypePassenger (Summer)
CategoryHigh Performance
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
225/40ZR18XL 92W BW 3048-3892 CALL
225/45ZR18XL 95W BW 3048-3824 CALL
245/40ZR18XL 97W BW 3048-3894 CALL
245/45ZR18XL 100W BW 3048-3865 CALL
255/35ZR18XL 94W BW 3048-3896 CALL
255/40ZR18XL 99W BW 3048-3844 CALL
225/35ZR19XL 88W BW 3048-3909 CALL
235/35ZR19XL 91W BW 3048-3906 CALL
245/35ZR19XL 93W BW 3048-3908 CALL
245/40ZR19XL 98W BW 3048-3911 CALL
245/45ZR19 98W BW 3048-3904 CALL
255/35ZR19XL 96W BW 3048-3973 CALL
255/40ZR19XL 100W BW 3048-3907 CALL
265/30ZR19XL 93W BW 3048-3905 CALL
275/30ZR19XL 96W BW 3048-3910 CALL
275/40ZR19 101W BW 3048-3903 CALL
285/35ZR19 99W BW 3048-3912 CALL
225/30ZR20XL 85W BW 3048-3007 CALL
225/35ZR20XL 90W BW 3048-3022 CALL
235/30ZR20XL 88W BW 3048-3002 CALL
245/30ZR20XL 90W BW 3048-3008 CALL
245/35ZR20XL 95W BW 3048-3014 CALL
245/40ZR20XL 99W BW 3048-3003 CALL
245/45ZR20 99W BW 3048-3023 CALL
255/30ZR20XL 92W BW 3048-3011 CALL
255/35ZR20XL 97W BW 3048-3004 CALL
255/45ZR20XL 105W BW 3048-3006 CALL
275/30ZR20XL 97W BW 3048-3001 CALL
275/35ZR20XL 102W BW 3048-3005 CALL
285/25ZR20XL 93W BW 3048-3027 CALL
285/30ZR20XL 99W BW 3048-3013 CALL
305/25ZR20XL 97W BW 3048-3010 CALL
235/30ZR22XL 90W BW 3048-3206 CALL
245/30ZR22XL 92W BW 3048-3202 CALL
255/30ZR22XL 95W BW 3048-3203 CALL
265/30ZR22XL 97W BW 3048-3205 CALL
285/25ZR22XL 95W BW 3048-3201 CALL
285/35ZR22XL 106W BW 3048-3222 CALL