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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R

The Ultrac Vorti R is Vredestein’s most sporty Ultra High Performance summer tyre to date. Compared to the Ultrac Vorti, the emphasis with the Ultrac Vorti R lies with ensuring grip and driving precision for the most powerful cars. The tyre maintains its traction at higher temperatures, including on bends, and is exceptionally stable at high speeds. It is therefore the ideal partner for four-wheel and rear-wheel drive sports cars that demand the most from their tyres.

TypePassenger (Summer)
CategoryUltra High Performance
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
235/35ZR19XL 91Y BW 8714692277351 CALL
255/30ZR19XL 91Y BW 8714692279416 CALL
295/30ZR19XL 100Y BW 8714692277412 CALL
305/30ZR19XL 102Y BW 8714692277436 CALL
235/30ZR20XL 88Y BW 8714692291401 CALL
245/30ZR20XL 90Y BW 8714692308864 CALL
245/35ZR20XL 95Y BW 8714692277375 CALL
255/30ZR20XL 92Y BW 8714692291418 CALL
265/35ZR20XL 99Y BW 8714692277399 CALL
295/25ZR20XL 95Y BW 8714692291425 CALL
305/25ZR20XL 97Y BW 8714692291432 CALL
305/30ZR20XL 103Y BW 8714692277450 CALL
245/30ZR21XL 91Y BW 8714692277474 CALL
265/30ZR21XL 96Y BW 8714692277498 CALL
305/25ZR21XL 98Y BW 8714692277511 CALL