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Toyo Proxes S/T II

The Toyo Proxes S/T II Developed for sport trucks, SUVs and crossovers, the stylish design and advanced tread elements of this premium tire deliver the perfect balance of style and performance. It provides superb handling, confident all-season performance, consistent wear and a smooth, quiet ride.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategorySport/Street Truck (All Season - M+S Rated)
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
235/65R17 104V BW 244030 CALL
275/55R17 109V BW 244080 CALL
285/60R17 114V BW 244050 CALL
255/45R18 99V BW 244150 CALL
255/50R18 106V BW 244130 CALL
255/60R18XL 112V BW 244090 CALL
285/60R18 116V BW 244100 CALL
295/45R18 108V BW 244160 CALL
255/55R19 111V BW 244170 CALL
275/45R19 108Y BW 244190 CALL
255/40R20 101V BW 244310 CALL
255/45R20XL 105V BW 244270 CALL
255/50R20 109V BW 244230 CALL
265/45R20 108V BW 244280 CALL
265/50R20XL 111V BW 244240 CALL
275/40R20XL 106W BW 244320 CALL
275/45R20 110V BW 244290 CALL
275/55R20 117V BW 244210 CALL
285/50R20XL 116V BW 244250 CALL
295/40R20 106V BW 244330 CALL
295/45R20XL 114V BW 244300 CALL
305/50R20XL 120V BW 244260 CALL
315/35R20XL 110W BW 244540 CALL
315/35ZR20 106W BW 244340 CALL
265/35R22 102W BW 244410 CALL
265/40R22 106V BW 244390 CALL
265/45R22XL 109V BW 244360 CALL
285/35ZR22XL 106W BW 244420 CALL
285/40R22XL 110V BW 244500 CALL
285/45R22 114V BW 244370 CALL
305/40R22XL 114V BW 244510 CALL
305/45R22XL 118V BW 244380 CALL
305/40R23XL 115V BW 244440 CALL
285/40R24XL 112V BW 244470 CALL
295/30R24 105V BW 244490 CALL
305/35R24XL 112V BW 244480 CALL
305/30R26XL 109V BW 244520 CALL