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Toyo Proxes S/T

This low-profile, high-performance tire offers great value in a wide range of weather and road conditions. The Toyo Proxes S/T gives sport trucks, SUVs and crossovers stability and all-season handling plus high performance, sophisticated good looks, and a smooth ride.

TypeLight Truck/SUV
CategorySport/Street Truck (All Season - M+S Rated)
Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
235/65R17 104V BW 242640 CALL
255/60R17 110V BW 242240 CALL
275/60R17 111V BW 242220 CALL
255/45R18 99V BW 242590 CALL
255/50R18 106V BW 242470 CALL
255/55R18 109V BW 242160 CALL
275/55R18 114V BW 242480 CALL
285/50R18 109V BW 242610 CALL
285/60R18 116V BW 242270 CALL
295/45R18 108V BW 242280 CALL
305/60R18 120V BW 242290 CALL
275/45R19 108Y BW 242580 CALL
285/45R19 107V BW 242570 CALL
255/40R20 101V BW 242700 CALL
255/45R20 105V BW 242450 CALL
255/50R20 109V BW 242490 CALL
265/50R20 111V BW 242330 CALL
275/40R20 106W BW 242740 CALL
275/45R20 110V BW 242790 CALL
275/55R20 117V BW 242800 CALL
285/50R20 116V BW 242710 CALL
295/45R20 114V BW 242320 CALL
305/50R20RF 120V BW 242350 CALL
315/35R20 106W BW 242540 CALL
325/50R20 120V BW 242340 CALL
265/35R22 102W BW 242760 CALL
265/40R22 106V BW 242460 CALL
285/35ZR22 106W BW 242750 CALL
285/45R22 114V BW 242690 CALL
295/30R22 103Y BW 242520 CALL
305/40R22 114V BW 242390 CALL
305/45R22 118V BW 242370 CALL
325/40R22 118V BW 242360 CALL
285/35R23 107V BW 242500 CALL
305/40R23 115V BW 242380 CALL
285/40R24 112V BW 242720 CALL
295/30R24 105V BW 242810 CALL
305/35R24RF 112V BW 242820 CALL
325/45R24 121V BW 242730 CALL
305/30R26 109V BW 242850 CALL