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Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S

The ZIEX ZE950 All Season Tire incorporates the latest in technology and design from Falken to create an excellent choice for drivers of today’s sedans, sports cars and crossover vehicles where mileage, all-season and high performance handling are a priority. Using the Falken exclusive Dynamic Range Technology (DRT) in the all new silica tread compound and asymmetric tread design, the ZIEX ZE950 All Season Tire provides optimum levels of dry, wet, ice and snow grip as well as delivering the longest mileage of any Falken High Performance tires. With 95 sizes from 15-inch to 20-inch and speed ratings of H, V, and W, the ZIEX ZE950 covers a wide range of fitments, from family sedans to cross-over vehicles.



Allows the rubber to remain pliable at low temperatures increasing grip in wet, snow and icy conditions. During dry conditions as the rubber heats up the chemical bonds remain strong, allowing great dry handling and exceptional tread wear performance.


Increased edges for ice braking interlocks under load for better handling and improved wear. WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES effectively evacuate water and significantly enhance hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling.


Provides additional snow grip by allowing snow to be packed into the center of the tire.


Provides better snow grip and eliminates rain groove wander.



W RATED 45,000 - H & V RATED 65,000

TypePassenger (All-Season - M+S Rated)
CategoryHigh Performance

Sizes Sidewall Item No. Catalog
175/65R15 84H BW 2895-1563 CALL
185/60R15 84H BW 2895-1516 CALL
185/65R15 88H BW 2895-1542 CALL
195/50R15 82H BW 2895-1571 CALL
195/55R15 85V BW 2895-2561 CALL
195/60R15 88H BW 2895-1551 CALL
195/65R15 91H BW 2895-1543 CALL
205/60R15 91H BW 2895-1552 CALL
205/65R15XL 99W BW 2895-3544 CALL
215/60R15 94H BW 2895-1553 CALL
215/65R15 96H BW 2895-1545 CALL
185/55R16 83H BW 2895-1677 CALL
195/50R16 84V BW 2895-2660 CALL
195/55R16 87V BW 2895-2615 CALL
205/45R16XL 87V BW 2895-2690 CALL
205/50R16 87V BW 2895-2671 CALL
205/55R16XL 94H BW 2895-1661 CALL
205/55R16XL 94W BW 2895-3483 CALL
205/60R16 92V BW 2895-2652 CALL
205/65R16 95V BW 2895-2626 CALL
215/55R16XL 97V BW 2895-2662 CALL
215/60R16 95H BW 2895-1479 CALL
215/60R16XL 99V BW 2895-2479 CALL
215/65R16 98H BW 2895-1681 CALL
225/50R16XL 96V BW 2895-2672 CALL
225/55R16 95V BW 2895-2670 CALL
225/60R16 98V BW 2895-2480 CALL
225/65R16 100H BW 2895-1673 CALL
235/60R16 100W BW 2895-3655 CALL
235/65R16 103H BW 2895-1629 CALL
245/50R16 97H BW 2895-1674 CALL
205/40R17XL 84W BW 2895-3740 CALL
205/45R17XL 88W BW 2895-3781 CALL
205/50R17XL 93W BW 2895-3770 CALL
215/45R17XL 91W BW 2895-3792 CALL
215/50R17 91W BW 2895-3771 CALL
215/55R17 94W BW 2895-3727 CALL
215/55R17 94V BW 2895-2727 CALL
215/60R17 96H BW 2895-1729 CALL
215/65R17 99H BW 2895-1782 CALL
225/45R17XL 94W BW 2895-3795 CALL
225/50R17 94W BW 2895-3772 CALL
225/55R17XL 101W BW 2895-3762 CALL
225/60R17 99V BW 2895-2728 CALL
225/65R17 102H BW 2895-1775 CALL
235/45R17 94W BW 2895-3794 CALL
235/50R17 96W BW 2895-3773 CALL
235/55R17 99W BW 2895-3725 CALL
235/60R17 102H BW 2895-1717 CALL
235/65R17XL 108V BW 2895-2790 CALL
245/40R17XL 95W BW 2895-3785 CALL
245/45R17XL 99W BW 2895-3784 CALL
245/50R17 99W BW 2895-3776 CALL
255/40R17 94W BW 2895-3796 CALL
215/35R18XL 84W BW 2895-3882 CALL
215/40R18XL 89W BW 2895-3891 CALL
215/45R18XL 93W BW 2895-3899 CALL
215/55R18 95H BW 2895-1900 CALL
225/40R18XL 92W BW 2895-3892 CALL
225/45R18XL 95W BW 2895-3824 CALL
225/50R18 95W BW 2895-3805 CALL
225/55R18 98V BW 2895-2889 CALL
225/60R18 100V BW 2895-2826 CALL
235/40R18XL 95W BW 2895-3893 CALL
235/45R18 94W BW 2895-3895 CALL
235/50R18XL 101W BW 2895-3825 CALL
235/55R18XL 104V BW 2895-2817 CALL
235/60R18XL 107V BW 2895-2816 CALL
235/65R18 106H BW 2895-1815 CALL
245/40R18XL 97W BW 2895-3894 CALL
245/40R18XL 100W BW 2895-3865 CALL
245/55R18 103W BW 2895-3863 CALL
245/60R18 105H BW 2895-1811 CALL
255/40R18XL 99W BW 2895-3844 CALL
255/45R18XL 103W BW 2895-3866 CALL
255/55R18XL 109W BW 2895-3845 CALL
255/65R18 111H BW 2895-1862 CALL
265/35R18XL 97W BW 2895-3806 CALL
265/60R18 110V BW 2895-2854 CALL
275/35R18XL 99W BW 2895-3807 CALL
225/40R19XL 93W BW 2895-3971 CALL
225/55R19 99W BW 2895-3955 CALL
235/55R19XL 105W BW 2895-3970 CALL
245/40R19 94W BW 2895-3974 CALL
245/45R19 98W BW 2895-3904 CALL
245/55R19 103H BW 2895-1814 CALL
255/35R19XL 96W BW 2895-3973 CALL
255/40R19XL 100W BW 2895-3996 CALL
255/45R19 100V BW 2895-2997 CALL
255/60R19 109H BW 2895-1813 CALL
275/40R19 101W BW 2895-3903 CALL
245/40R20XL 99W BW 2895-3002 CALL
245/45R20XL 103W BW 2895-3023 CALL
245/50R20 102V BW 2895-2026 CALL
255/35R20XL 97W BW 2895-3001 CALL
255/45R20XL 105W BW 2895-3013 CALL
275/35R20XL 102W BW 2895-3005 CALL
275/40R20XL 106W BW 2895-3947 CALL