Wheels » Alpha


  • Wheels designed from the ground up targeting the off road automotive market
  • High emphasis on function first over form
  • Sizes fitted for late model SUV and truck applications popular in the off road market

When planning and designing wheels for a custom off road vehicle, there are several elements that must be taken into account for proper fitment and function. Each and every style of Alpha wheels is designed with the following mission critical components in mind.


  • Careful consideration is taken when optimizing contact patch/sidewall for every application
  • Performance and safety is maximized by using diameters/widths that do not deviate significantly from OEM suspension geometry
  • Initial focus will be on 17” wheels, staying in line with OEM specs will be ideal for popular late model off roading platforms


  • Wheel offsets are heavily considered for each vehicle platform, no “one size fits all” approach taken to cut production costs
  • Maintaining near OEM specs is paramount to prevent wheel darting, tracking, bump steer, and excessive load on wheel bearing


  • Alpha’s philosophy is to also maintain near OEM specs of wheel scrub radius
  • Emphasis is to maintain imaginary line angle of suspension axis to the center of the contact tire patch as much as possible