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SOTA Off Road has created a truly unique and performance-driven line of 4x4 wheels and 4x4 rims for the off-road and lifted truck wheel enthusiast. SOTA Off Road features an innovative fusion of forged wheel styling with cast wheel technology.

Unfortunately on October 24th, 2019 SOTA’s president, Brock Weld, announced that he would be shutting down the entire operation effective immediately.

Brock Stated: “I regret to announce SOTA Offroad is shutting down all operations effective immediately for the foreseeable future. This is due in large part to my urgent health issues and the ongoing US trade war with China.

I have been in the wheel business my entire life, and having to close my business was an extremely difficult decision. Some time ago I started having serious health issues, yet I felt as though I was strong enough to work through my health issues and run SOTA Offroad at the same time. After months of doctor’s appointments, tests, and multiple ER visits, it became apparent that I could not physically run the company, and something had to give. I began the process of finding a new equity partner for SOTA Offroad. Meanwhile, the volatile trade war with China significantly impacted SOTA Offroad in particular. Despite my best efforts over several months, I was not able to find a new equity partner. My body finally gave out and I must now focus all of my time and energy on my health.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has supported SOTA Offroad throughout the years.”

For more info on SOTA Off Road wheels please contact us at 480.968.1314

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